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2018-06-15 11:10:22 new-site

Do you hate news? Do you hate reading? Well then, this isn't the place for you. But in the event that you answered 'No' to the previous two questions, please read on. (and all other stuff I do) is written in the Vim text editor. In fact I am writing this message directly into Vim right now with hand coded HTML. Isn't that funny? In a day when we can use WordPress to manage all of our funny little key strokes for us?

Well, I'm not really into that trendy stuff.
Notes of the day

I have updated this site in honor of the fact that I will be uploading a few games here soon, and also planning to start getting more active with release some of my code for open-source purposes.
Things to come

A non-graphic, randomized battle game made soley in a single PHP file.
C++ SDL code for random fun stuff.
A full game developed in SDL.
Tons of PHP and Javascript gadgets just for fun.

I think that will make me happy and let me sleep a bit better. (knock on wood).
Software News

I greatly dislike political news, but that doesn't mean I have to stop reading what's going on in the world, and with so many interesting things going on. What is happening with modern operating systems? What's hot in programming today? What is Elon Musk's latest project? I will try to gather some links to tech related news and keep them here.


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