Laravel - The Quest for a Framework

2018-07-27 11:09:13 laravel-framework

According to G, Laravel is the top PHP framework for 2018. I haven't used it yet, but I will be looking into it soon. I think I just lost a good project opportunity because I gave the wrong answer to "Do you know Laravel?" Apparently... the correct answer should be "YES", and I gave the wrong answer... WOOPS.

In my opinion, a good developer can jump from framework to framework overnight, and without TOO MUCH struggle. It is not easy. It is not fun. But it is doable. I have been doing this for over a decade and I have rarely found one framework to be "extremely different" from the last, especially if you understand MVC. The bigger problem is often regarding how much specialized syntax the framework carries with it, how well documented the functionality is, and how well do they educate on the framework's usage.

Still, it is a very annoying game. It seems like yesterday to me that CakePHP was the top PHP framework. And now... I'll bet most developers have all but forgotten what it is. Over the past years Symfony was A MUST KNOW... and now every job post is Laravel, Laravel, Laravel. And if you don't know Laravel you just aren't in the game.

Can you sense my frustration?

In fact, there is no need for this way of thinking, and it really does come off as a type of ATTITUDE more than anything else. Do you really, really, really KNOW that Laravel is all you need from a good developer? What happens when Laravel loses popularity like all the frameworks before it? What happens when your developer knows Laravel, BUT, they don't use it correctly and cause major issues as a result. What about the myriad of other problems that can come up overnight?

The point I am getting at is clear. You should not put so much faith in a framework. You should be putting your faith in the mental and emotional strength of your developers. Having the ability to change with the times and learn new things, and learn fast -- THAT is what you should be focusing on.


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